Our Core Values include:

We believe everyone deserves a safe place where they belong

We foster a radically inclusive, judgment-free community for connection and acceptance. We include individuals of every race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, political beliefs, disability, or veteran status and all their intersections, including all stages of recovery.

We actively pursue diverse representation in all our programming, including diversity of thought and recovery path. We believe diversity makes us stronger and will lead to a thriving organization that represents the recovery community of Central Kentucky. You are always welcome!

How We Are Living This Out:

  • We retained an outside consultant, Dr. Dietra Hawkins, a Cultural Competency specialist
  • We hosted a town hall to listen and learn (please see video below)
  •  We host recovery focused listening sessions to lift the voices of communities of color
  • Implement the Annie E. Casey Racial Analysis tool for decision making

Undoing the Harm of the War on Drugs: A Focus on Communities of Color

Presented by: Voices of Hope and NIH HEALing Communities Study

These actions will in no way solve the problems associated with racism, sexism, or other inequity for marginalized populations within the our organization and or the recovery movement. Our goal is to listen, learn, amend our mistakes, move forward, and continue to grow in recovery.