What is Telephone Recovery Support?

When you sign up for VOH Telephone Recovery Support (TRS) one of our trained volunteers (who are, in many cases, in recovery themselves) will call you each week, just to see how you’re doing, listen, talk through your week and help you navigate your recovery journey. Participation is FREE, thanks to our generous donors. Enrollment is optional and you can discontinue it at any point. Sign up for TRS here.

Our TRS volunteers are here for you, no matter where you are on your journey.  When things are great, we want to celebrate with you.  When they are not, we are here for you.

Listen to a Podcast About Telephone Support

Sometimes People Just Want to be Heard (4:04)


“VOH has been very beneficial in my recovery because it helps me stay focused. The TRS call I receive helps me to keep going.” Enzo