Community Scholarship Presented by UK Healthcare

Dominae Lewis VOH winner 2023

Our 2024 Voices of Hope Scholarship application portal will open in 2024!

Voices of Hope’s Scholarship is a $1,000 award for a current student in recovery (meaning they are seeking positive change to improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and to reach their full potential) who is currently enrolled at a trade school, college or university in Kentucky.

Application period is now open for 2023! The deadline to apply is June 15.

Thank you to UK Healthcare the 2023 sponsor of the scholarship!

Congratulations to Dominae Lewis on receiving the 2023 Voices of Hope Scholarship.

Dominae said: “Receiving the VOH scholarship means so much to me because it means that I am seen, in life and in recovery. It means that I am still worthy of something because of the work and effort I put in as being  a student and being in recovery.”

Amanda Foley-Byard Memorial Staff Scholarships

Congratulations to Kat Belew

“Receiving this scholarship has meant the world to me. It gave me the confidence to persevere. It will also allow me to get some of the supplies I need to complete my degree. I am forever grateful for the opportunity this has given me to complete my schooling.”-Kat

Congratulations to Amber Clemons winner of the 1st Runner Up Scholarship!

“I’m blessed to receive this scholarship award to be able to contribute to furthering my education so I can continue to help others. -Amber

Congratulations to Kaitlyn Robinson winner of the 2nd Runner Up Scholarship!

“When I first applied for the AFB scholarship, I felt that it would be a long shot to be chosen. Even after being in recovery for many years, I am a person who still struggles with self-doubt and low self-esteem. There are many days I still feel as if I am not worthy and feel like I want to give up. After receiving the news that they decided to give an extra award and I was one of the hand-picked winners, the sense of obligation I was given is unexplainable. They gave me purpose and gave me a sign that I need to keep going, that I CAN keep going. I went from being a nobody, a name on a piece of paper that was identified by a bunch of felonies. Today, other people believe in me enough to help give me a scholarship to allow me to continue my education. They have made a forever impact in my life.” – Kaitlyn

Dr. Amanda Foley-Byard was a beloved mother, wife to Jeremy Byard, daughter and friend, a person in recovery as well as a passionate advocate for education, recovery, and harm reduction. 

 With the financial support friends and colleagues of Amanda who want to honor her and the work of our staff, Voices of Hope is excited to offer one $1,000 education scholarship and two $500 scholarships to Voices of Hope employees in support of their postsecondary education. This includes vocational or trade school as well as college or university education.