Lydia, our first employee readiness intern

“The Voices of Hope employment program helped me rediscover the confidence in myself that addiction buried deep inside of me. Without this program, I would still be walking past the Peer Support Specialist certificate hanging on my fridge, wondering if I would ever be worthy enough to actually use it. If you are thinking of re-entering the workplace, never give up hope! We have something special to offer the world, and we just need to find the right place for us! In active addiction, we build walls between us and employment. But, in recovery, we can tear those walls down. If I can push through and obtain my dream job, anyone can!!! Reach out today!”

The Voices of Hope Employment Readiness Program is a 6 month paid part time internship for a person in recovery with barriers to re-entering the workforce. It is an opportunity to build a foundation of basic skills in a friendly, supportive environment. We will help you build your recovery capital by developing a plan that is tailored just for you…so that you can achieve your full potential! Join us today.

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