Voices of Hope is founded by people who are in recovery or have been affected by substance use disorder so we have first-hand experience to help people find recovery and stay in recovery. We do this with our team of highly-trained recovery coaches who are not only working at our Recovery Center facility in Lexington, Kentucky; they are embedded in over 80 detention centers, hospitals, courtrooms and recovery centers. We have a recovery coach mobile team who go directly to those needed help in Fayette and Jefferson counties. Our professional teams are located in over 11 counties. We:

  • Decrease overdose deaths
  • Increase accessibility to recovery programs/recovery housing
  • Increase number of people in long-term recovery 
  • Increased community knowledge of substance use disorder and recovery resources 

Voices of Hope provides recovery support services through three avenues.

Recovery Center with Daily Support & Meetings

The Voices of Hope Recovery Center is our hub for recovery and family support services located in Lexington, Kentucky. The Voices of Hope Recovery Center offers daily meetings to support and assist those following all pathways to recovery. We offer over 1,000 recovery meetings each year. The walk-in atmosphere helps anyone at any point of need with recovery, housing, or other barriers. We also provide sober events and a community in which participants can thrive. It is a proven statistic that those attending support meetings are 20% more likely to stay in recovery. We help participants to stay strong and focused on recovery success.

Mobile Outreach

Voices of Hope helps to keep those on the street safe with a mobile unit with a trained team onboard to help those in the community who are not yet in recovery. Our Voices of Hope Mobile Units cover territories in Lexington and Louisville, going to those in active addiction or on the streets. Our highly-trained Voices of Hope Mobile Team are resources on wheels, and can link those in need with recovery, housing, medical or mental health care. They also provide Narcan training, transportation to recovery centers and offer our Barrier Relief Program.

Embedded Recovery Coaches in 80 Partner Facilities

We currently have Recovery Coaches in over 80 partner facilities including Baptist Hospital, University of Kentucky, Detention Centers, Opioid Treatment Centers, Recovery Centers and Court Systems.  Our Coaches are professionally trained, in long-term recovery and know how to address difficult circumstances. Voices of Hope Recovery Coaches empower each participant with the right resources and advice so each person can work towards success.

What is a Voices of Hope Embedded Recovery Coach?

Working with addiction health professionals, our Voices of Hope Recovery Coaches/Peer Specialists engage and build trust with patients.  Because of their personal experiences of “been there, done that” and their readiness to self-disclose their own struggles with substance use disorder, they create an environment in which patients are more willing to engage with the care team.

The Voices of Hope Recovery Coaches take action in the Emergency Department or other facilities such as jails and treatment centers by:

  • Building rapport with patients, supporting them during their hospital or detention center stay
  • Providing progress reports to the facility staff
  • Assist providers when a patient needs to be de-escalated
  • Educating the patient on harm reduction, MOUD, recovery options (outpatient, inpatient, detoxification facilities, etc.)
  • Working with the patient’s friends, family members and staff on substance use disorders and the recovery process
  • Linking them with community-based resources (housing, health care) after discharge. 

Upon discharge patients are connected with Voices of Hope programs for continuing support.

We have coaches in 80 facilities including Baptist Health, five prisons through Department of Corrections, 14 opioid treatment centers, Madison and Boyd Detention Centers, Recovery Centers and Specialty Court.

Other Voices of Hope Programs

Telephone Recovery Support

Voices of Hope gives hope to those in recovery with weekly check in calls to offer social support and access to resources. Having someone who cares enough to offer encouragement and resources can keep participants on their recovery pathway. Our trained call staff will help each participant with any issues or worries, and make sure they have what they need to continue their recovery. All call staff are highly trained and are in long-term recovery.

Recovery Coaching Through MOUD Treatment Programs

The overall goal of the Voices of Hope MOUD (Medications for Opioid Use Disorder) Linkage and Retention program is to reduce opioid-involved overdose deaths by linking individuals to and helping retain them in MOUD treatment programs. In the VOH Linkage Program, individuals are linked to their preferred MOUD provider and followed for 30 days after treatment initiation. In the VOH Retention program, their VOH Recovery Coach helps the participant address any barriers to retaining treatment and helps them to transition to a healthy life-style. 

Harm Reduction

Each year nearly 71,000 people in the United States die of an overdose. Voices of Hope saves lives through Narcan/Overdose Response Training through our Mobile Outreach Unit and community partners. Our professionally trained staff can jump in when needed to save a life, and teach others how to do the same, saving thousands of lives each year in our community.

Individual Placement and Support

Individual Placement and Support

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is a model of supported employment that has been developed over the past 25 years specifically for people who have behavioral health needs. In partnership with the Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, we help individuals with Substance Use Disorder or other Mental Health Disorders overcome barriers to employment. 

Family & Friends Support

Family & Friends Support

Voices of Hope connects families with a call line and meetings, giving them the tools they need to truly help their friend or family member through SMART Family & Friends meetings. When families of those suffering from substance use disorder have the correct tools and knowledge, they are better equipped to help their family member enter recovery and succeed. We are here for families and friends too.

Advocacy & Research

Advocacy & Research

We work with local, state and national leaders to create a more recovery-friendly comunity.

We Increase Recovery Capital

What is Recovery Capital?

Recovery capital is the vehicle through which we realize our mission of promoting life-long recovery from substance use disorder. Recovery capital refers to all of the intra- and interpersonal resources that a person needs to enter and maintain recovery. Safe housing, stable employment, access to mental health and treatment services, and healthy relationships are just a few of the things that make it more likely that a person will lead a fulfilling life of recovery.

How do we do it?

At Voices of Hope, we contribute to people’s recovery capital in myriad ways: offering social and emotional support through TRS, working toward important personal health goals through recovery coaching, destigmatizing addiction through public speaking and Overdose Awareness Day, and much more!