What is harm reduction?

Harm Reduction

 “They saw that my worth was more than the choices I made…we really need allies in this.  We need people in recovery talking to other people explaining what harm reduction is to them.”

“Nobody cares how someone gets up the mountain….we just want to see them get up the mountain. “

“We’ve learned to establish a recovery support system that is compassionate and judgement free…”

“Voices of Hope’s mobile outreach unit meets people where they are and provides support, without judgement.”

Gary wants to “challenge everyone to be open minded about harm reduction before discrediting it.”

“I went from feeling really stigmatized and pushed aside and swept under the rug to feeling like I am a person….a person in recovery.”

“If anything is going to change, it’s going to take a collective effort from each and every one of us.”

“Harm reduction opens it up for more people to have a chance and have a life…..it saves lives.”

 “…harm reduction is getting someone in the behavioral pattern to make healthier choices.”

Come As You Are: Transformational Housing (June Learning Collaborative, co-sponsored by Voices of Hope and the UK HEALing Communities Study.)

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